A new approach

From now on I’m going to post lots of practical ideas. Here’s why…

As the world grapples with COVID 19, our use of and dependance on technology has become very exposed. For many people the only reason they are still employed is because technology enables them to work remotely. Not only that but the technology to do so is now so simple to use that the transition to working from home could happen in a matter of days.

On the other hand it has also been the ubiquity of the technology that has brought the horror of disease into every minute of our lives and created fear and uncertainty for the future.

International travel has spread the Coronavirus worldwide, but as we have gone into lockdown we have also noticed that our own local travel has slowly over years destroyed all our local small businesses. We miss them now as our travel is restricted and hopefully they will slowly come back. On the other hand internet based delivery services mean that we can still receive goods while in lockdown.

This blog will take a change in direction. While I will still intersperse with philosophical ramblings the main focus will be in practical postings of how technology can be applied in a more sustainable and resilient way. These stories will always cut both ways, with every benefit there comes a cost. As Don Ihde would say, technology has an amplification reduction effect.

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