Travelling with the cloud

Currently we are travelling to Europe. I have decided that the time is right to travel with the cloud. What do I mean by this. Well, rather than carrying all our information with us, we are using cloud based services – Gmail, WordPress, Dropbox. We are equipped with an Android phone (non-roaming) and a netbook loaded with Jolicloud. I also have a backup plan – a USB stick loaded with Portable Apps and a bunch of critical information. I’ll be reporting on the experience as we go.

It didn’t start well. First stop Singapore. We arrived at the hotel and are expected to present a voucher. We don’t have internet access – my australian mobile phone is not roaming enabled. So the first experience is going straight to the backup plan – USB stick to access Google account and retrieve the required PDF.

Now we have internet access – hotel prices. I think the first lesson is that travelling with the cloud requires a reliable internet connection anywhere on the globe. Hotel rates are expensive (even in our special deal that packages breakfast and internet). I am not sure how global roaming compares yet…